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Create a New Identity for your Facebook Profile

January 3, 2011

Facebook keeps growing, and now Wall Street pumped money into the global network.
Why are so few people critical about Facebook? The core of its business model is to make money on our privacy. Nothing is free. We pay for access to Facebook with our private information.
Facebook is a great invention, it’s fun and mindblowing in many ways, and sharing is a new virtue.  Yet, there’s a dark side.
Most people say that they are very cautious as to what they post on their wall, and that they’d never publish anything compromising. But what is compromising today or in 5-10 years for you and your children? And what do we know about Facebook in just 2 years? Nothing, and we cannot even imagine it. Groupon grew to a 6-billion-dollar-worth-business in just 2 years.

Even though we don’t yet have many examples of abuse, we have to safeguard our original identity and our privacy much more than most most of us do today.

There is a good reason as to why the global community has defined some basic human rights in the Universal Declation of Human Rights. Some parts of our lives are sensitive and should be protected no matter what. We can easily be discriminated because of our race, sex, colour, religion, political opinion, national or social origin, property, birth and other status. These sensitive info – plus our health condition – are all areas, where people should not share their information on open social networks or in a social network, which owns your information and claims the right to sell it to a third party.
Banks, insurance companies and others interested in your health would be pretty lame, if they are not checking out your health information and behaviour on various social networks. Are you a heavy smoker or seem to be drinking too much? Is your life worth a bank loan or an insurrance at the normal rate?
An employer about to hire someone would not do a proper job, if he did not check out whether the job candidate is exhibiting herself online in a way the employer dislike. Younger people are aldready changing their names in fear of not getting accepted in college.
Or what about hate groups which hate women having had abortions or gay people? Can they get access to everyone on Facebook, who stated their sexual preferences? Facebook can certainly track them from their database. Will they do it if they are paid enough?
So, the best solution to protecting your privacy is never to share sensitive information – and to do what some younger people are doing: Get another identity on Facebook. Yes, your friends can’t find you then, but you can find them, and they will remenber your pseudonym. I know, because I’ve done it myself for years, and it works.
May be it is too paranoid. However, there are many scenarios where privacy is better than openess. And I do believe that we as humans need privacy. Without we will be much too sensitive, much too easy to put down and in the end our self-confidence will suffer.
If you know of examples of abuse of private information, I’d be happy to hear about them. And if you know of any scientific work done on the sociological importance of privacy, I’d like to hear about that as well.

How to change your name on Facebook:


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  1. The phone i hav belonged to my man and when he gave me the phone,he had already set up a facebook profile and now i want to join fb in my own name.

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