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French Television Stops Promoting Facebook – Danish Continues

June 6, 2011

It is probably too strict banning any mention of Facebook on French television –  to avoid giving other social networks unfair competition.

But being more conscious about vivid promotion of the super commercial network trading our private information is very clever.

In Denmark, unfortunately, we face the complete opposite situation.

At the Danish state-funded radio and televison, DR, they constantly mention Facebook. They encourage us to discuss everything on Facebook, so we hear it again and again after each radio and television programme… Find us on Facebook.

Constantly saying ‘Facebook’ on broadcast tv and radio is definitely a problem. It is giving Facebook too much free advertising, and at the same time giving the network a creditibility label, it does not deserve.

In other words, Danish DR is pushing more and more Danes over to Facebook or activating us on Facebook – a commercial network who makes a living on selling our private information to others. There is NO transparency, we have NO idea what information they sell about us.

FB lives under a personal data law in the US which is much much looser than the one in Denmark and Europe, so if a Danish company did the same as Facebook, collecting private information, it would probably be stopped by our consumer ombudsman.

I’ve been interviewed on DR about this topic in January, where DR acknowledged the problem, and later DR’s ombudsmand Jacob Mollerup also critisized DR being to uncritical towards Facebook.

DR has said it would stop the massive promotion of Facebook, but now we are in June 2011, and we still constantly hear it.


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