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Great Stories from and about New and Old Media February 2012

February 28, 2012

I’ve collected some of the most interesting stories this month concerning media trends.

The Tech Business is Hiring Journalists
The social network, Tumblr, with 42 mio participants just hired 2 reporters to cover the world of Tumblr. Other tech companies are doing the same; they don’t only hire journalists to traditional communication jobs but to other journalistic jobs. Facebook recently hired a managing editor to create in-house content. The social magazine, who aggregates content from others, also hired an editor from Time Inc. So instead of only making money on others’ content (which is a great business model) they start doing a little themselves.

Companies Move Ad Money from Traditional Media to Social Media
Procter and Gamle is laying off 1600 staffers – including marketers. The company said that Facebook and google are more efficient (read cheaper) than traditional media that usually eats the lion’s share of P&G’s ad budget.
P&G has been highly successful with their Old Spice virtual YouTube video campaign.
See also here how Nike is moving money from TV and print to social:

Are Aggregation and Curation Journalism?
Depends on who you ask. And this blogger believes that curation and aggregation does a lot of good for original journalism. The problem is, that traffic from a blogger’s site – summarizing the story – is not enough to sustain original journalism. Therefor ‘old’ media is often of another opinion.

New Institute for Media Innovation
Two of the high-profile US universities, Stanford and Columbia (where I graduated in 1995) are establishing an Institute for Media Innovation in order to bridge the gap between journalism and technology and encourage collaboration between the two disciplines.

50 Great Blogs in Journalism and Communications
Understanding everything from the latest in telecom and publishing gadgets to social media to speech therapy and pathology many of these 50 blogs are great. Among my personal favorites: 1, 5, 22, 28 and 32. But two great ones are missing: and

New Sharing Trends
Selective sharing, frictionless sharing,sharing of discounts, more personlized sharing etc. Read about sharing trends and see infographic about it below. One question about what people will share in the future, the answer is: Personal milestones, travel plans (which is stupid as you might get robbed), ticket purchases (also stupid) and charitable donations.

News Show Up The Least Expected Places
A lot of media consumers get their news incidentally. News pop up suddenly in the middle of ‘nowhere’. Suddenly a headline catches you and you are reading a news story. More and more readers get their news like this. Read about 4 types of news readers, the avid, the avoiders, the encounteres and the crowd surfers.

The conflict between new and old journalism
This blog, the Pando Daily, was founded very recently. Read the founders thoughts behind the blog from the link below. The founder was editor at TechChrunch, one of the most influential sites in the tech industry until a year ago. The decline happened when it was sold to AOL and when the founder Michael Arrington was fired because he openly was covering start-ups which he was investing money in as well. He wrote it as a disclamer but the old media industry (New York Times) critisized it heavily – you cannot do that in the old industry. Many bloggers believe that is okay to do almost everything, as long as you disclaim it. The whole discussion can be read here at Monday Note, and it really is worth a read. The question is whether the old media industry’s ethical guidelines are out-of-date. However, Pando Daildy founder writes this: Another note on conflicts: I won’t be investing directly in startups, nor will the staff-writers of PandoDaily. But we have plenty of contributors and opinion columnists who do, because frequently those people are informed enough to write the best stuff. And that’s no different from the policies of many old media brands like BusinessWeek and Fortune who’ve paid investors to write opinions and columns for years. News is news, but great opinion pieces are supposed to have bias and a point-of-view.
So in some ways, old media standards are still due.

3 Cool Media Start-Ups
ProPublica No discussion about cool, new things happening in the news world would be complete without mentioning ProPublica. Who can’t love a Pulitzer Prize-winning newsroom that claims to “produce investigative journalism in the public interest?” While most web newsrooms are aggregators that re-tell stories, ProPublica is actually finding facts and telling compelling stories. In the digital age, it’s easy to recognize what stories people want to read – Facebook shares, page views, and retweets are good indications of popularity. But takes people’s power one step further by enabling people to literally pay for the stories they want told. The website says it’s about “community powered reporting.” The way it works is that citizens can pitch stories and fund stories, and the stories that meet their fundraising goal are picked up by freelance journalists. Think Kickstarter for stories.
Cowbird. With a mission to promote participatory, citizen journalism, Cowbird focuses on the human stories that lie behind major news events. The stunning website on the surface looks like it’s about letting people keep photographic personal diaries, but it’s more about documenting the many perspectives of news events, such as the “Occupy Saga.” While it might not be changing the way we consume or create news stories, Cowbird surely will change the way we reflect on the ‘sagas’ of the past.

Video Streaming Getting More Competition
Americans are getting more and more video streaming sercices which is disrupting the cable tv-model.
Now, Verizon and Redbox have teamed up on a service allowing consumers to rent physical DVDs and stream movies via the Internet. Any broadband customer, even if are outside the Verizon FiOS network, will have access to the new service, said Paul Davis, chief executive of Coinstar Inc., the company that operates the Redbox self-service DVD rental locations.
Redbox has 35,400 kiosks at convenience stores, in some McDonald’s and grocery and drugstores nationwide. Verizon has more than 100 million wireless customers and nine million broadband subscribers.
“It’s the best of both the physical and the digital,” Mr. Davis said in an interview.
This service will compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and Wal-Mart’s Vudu service, though none of them offer DVD rentals as Netflix and this one.

Publish Less But More Original
Such is the mantra from one of the first media-web-entrepreneuers ever. And after they did that, they saw an increase in traffic: In December and January, Salon published 33 percent fewer posts than it had in those same months the previous years — but it saw 40 percent greater traffic.
Salon is now making a u-turn. Much less aggregation, much more original. In coming months, we can expect to see more resources devoted to Salon’s campaign coverage, new bylines from freelancers who can devote time to in-depth reporting projects, and a site redesign.

Content Marketing on the Rise
’Articles’ are one of the most used ways of creating content marketing, a buzz word at the moment. Coca Cola and American Express are doing it and more and more follow. They are doing what the media industry is doing;creating more and more unique great content in stead of traditionel marketing. News (articles), tips, videos, slideshows and infographics are their tools.

A new start-up on the great go all its financing within 38 hours. And MATTER is about journalism. Pure great original journalism. Not curation, not aggregation, not copy/paste. One long form story every week. I am looking forward to that.


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