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Why Twitter Beats Them All – and How Twitter could continue

March 28, 2013

Twitter is by far the greatest social network. Here is why, and here are some thoughts on how Twitter could continue without ending up like another Facebook.

  1. Twitter is public. Everybody, including teens, knows that from scratch. It is not pretending that you can be private there. It is your personal media platform, your own ‘broadcast station’, where you can follow what others are doing and you can built up your own engaging audience.
  2. It take 4-6 months really to get hooked. To have found the  first bunch of people all over the world that you really want to follow and to have established yourself. It is a good idea to define a theme or themes, tell it to us in you bio and post around that, so people know what they get, when they follow you. Dont post a little stuff here and there about everything as many do on FB, but define yourself as a micro-niche-brand. Remember never to steal others great posts but credit them for it with a RT (retweet, e.g. xxxx xxxxx xxxxx RT@PernilleT or a MT, which means moderated retweet, where you change the wording a bit). You can also use the stardard retweet function. Remember you have to be fair to keep your followers there.
  3. Twitter’s hashtags are the best part. If you are at a conference, the conference or the session at the conference defines a hashtag, e.g. #theconf13. Then at the session when you listen to a speaker or a panel, if you post anything to Twitter, you put #theconf13 in the end of the post and all others at this session, and others on Twitter all over the world can follow that hashtag (just search for it). You can do the same and see and comment on other’s comments. Some might post live blogs, while it is going on, or even stream the session on video or sound, and you will know that from the Twitter stream. It makes conferences so much more fun and egaging. It is one of the most innovative parts of Twitter.twitterpix
  4. You can have your Twitter-wall on your website (like I have here in the top right corner) which makes your website more lively
  5. Finally, Twitter does not have a real-name-policy like GooglePlus and Facebook. It gives us the right to privacy, the right to be anonymous, and it is very appreciated. Real-name-policies are violating human rights and no private corporation should have the right to demand real names and real data from our children, who have not yet formed their identity.

How to Make More Money

It is deadimportant that Twitter does NOT do the same as Facebook and end up as a mainstream network stuffed with aggressive advertising, you cannot get rid of. Hopefully Twitter will go other ways, such as

  1. Let us pay for the account. 50 or 60 us dollars a year for example. Then you promise not to track us or stuff us with advertising. It is okay to use our Twitter posts for good big data use like predicting a sentiment around a tv-show or an arising flue epidemic. But you could give us the choice of Free – and then we are tracked, mined and sold, or Pay – and then we get our privacy.
  2. You could charge for a ‘verified account’ which you are giving away today, e.g. 20 dollars a year.
  3. You could ask for voluntary donations. You’d get a lot, as you are a loved one.
  4. Venture capital must still be possible to keep you going, but don’t go public. You’d lose too much being on the stock exchange being forced to make money faster than you can.
  5. Could you make a people-owned company, where your customer owns you. We pay a one-time-entrance fee (e.g. 1000 us dollars), then we become “part-owners” but with no real saying, and then we pay a fee every year (the 50-60 dollars) and you run Twitter as you do now and not as a public company. Dont know if it is possible….. You could still run the free version for those who dont wanna pay for it and for being verifyed.

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